Monday, August 22, 2011

April 29, 2011: Art Chicago & Chicago Art Department

Art Chicago -- the biggest annual art event in the Midwest! Every year, artists and galleries take over a floor of the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. It can be overwhelming -- we spent hours wandering around! Aaron & Leah spotted an authentic Mr. Brainwash, which made us chuckle. But the highlight of the day was when Nathan, Aaron & Leah got to meet Shephard Fairey. He even signed a couple Andre the Giant stickers for us.

After Art Chicago, Lisa & Leah visited the Chicago Art Department (of which Professor Nathan Peck is co-founder). It was the last event being held at that location on Halsted in Pilsen. The night was marked by several performances, including a set by Nathan's band The Fives.

The Fives perform at Chicago Art Department

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