Monday, November 8, 2010

November 3rd, 2010: Oil Paint Collage, Part I


- We decided that we need a Constitution Commitee in charge of writing up a club constitution.
- Leah and Jen are officially in charge of OPUS and will be advertising to collect student work as well as collaborating with the newly formed Literary Club.
- Finding new ways to advertise both Art Club and OPUS.

This week we also looked at the second pieces for Art Club's Monochromatic Show...

Nathan- Style Art
This was part one of a two-week process in which Nathan gave us a glimpse into his own artmaking process...

1. Start with a basic picture frame
2. Break the glass (optional)
3. Tape everything into place, minding the hooks on the back for hanging
4. Create a glue mixture (2/3 glue, less than 1/3 water), shake to mix
5. Using brushes, cover the frame in glue mixture, then in black and white printed materials (ie, newspaper), then cover in glue a second time
6. Allow to dry

Next Meeting: November 10th @ 5 pm in the VAC

"The Factory" is now on display in the student lounge (downstairs in the VAC)

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